Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum

Reviews from People Who’ve Done the Courses

Several years ago I took a course called the Landmark Forum and it made a strong and lasting difference in my life. This program, offered by a company called Landmark Education, opened my eyes to many new possibilities for my life.

I realized that as we go through life we limit what we think is possible for ourselves. Little kids see anything as possible for them – They could be prime minister, an astronaut, a policeman – anything. But as time goes on, things happen, and we make decisions about events in our lives that shape what we can and can’t do.

Personally, I had always seen myself as a loner. In the Landmark Forum, I realized that this view was based on a decision I had made as a child, a decision that had little basis in reality. Since then I have opened myself up to people and become much closer to my family as a result.

So why this blog? I created this blog to share the different things that I have observed about Landmark Education, from the programs to the company to the people, and to demystify these courses that make a big difference in people’s lives. If you’re an internet junkie like myself, you read a ton of stuff about everything. After doing the Landmark Forum, I read a lot about Landmark Education and its programs, and I was surprised at how much I read was vague or inaccurate or even negative.

Some websites even go so far as saying that there is a Landmark Education cult or scam, which I find ridiculous. I found the Landmark Forum to be a straightforward, professionally run, personal development program. I am certain that millions of people each year take these kinds of courses, including the Landmark Forum, Tony Robbins courses, Dale Carnegie seminars and many other programs, which while they may differ in some of their ideas, run seminars that have people examine their lives so that they can create a better future.

In writing this blog, I wanted to exchange views with people who also share this belief that we can make the future a brighter place, and that the personal growth of each of us will make a big difference in achieving that future, no matter what path each of us pursues to achieve it.

As time has gone on, I have seen the limitations of my own viewpoint – I realized that if I stuck to my personal experience, I would quickly run out of things to say. Gradually people sent me links with their own stories of what has happened through taking Landmark Education’s courses. I started to realize that this website could be more than a record of my opinions. It could instead highlight the great stories of people generous enough to blog about what they created out of their Landmark Education experience. Their review or story would also serve to tell a moving story about the journey of personal growth that each of us undertakes throughout our lives. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog!


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