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May 28, 2013

Landmark and Lululemon

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Many people know that Lululemon Athletica is one of those companies that sends its employees to The Landmark Forum for training and development (Panda Express is another one). I’ve read this in a few publications, which usually have some snide things to say about both Landmark and Lululemon – I’m not sure whether they’re using Landmark to insult Lululemon or the other way around.

Lululemon and Landmark seem to attract the same fans and the same haters, which besides their business connection, seems like it’s because both are cult brands that people often love or hate.

Personally, I think it has a lot to do with responsibility. Both Landmark and Lululemon promote responsibility over making excuses and blaming others for one’s failings. While this seems like a common sense approach to life, it seems like it annoys some people. I think many people are attached to their reasons and blame of others, and don’t know what they’d do without them.

Also, some people seem to equate the idea that if one is responsible, one is somehow to blame for the stupid things other people do. Being responsible, to me, is a view one takes to give oneself power, not some evaluation on the state of the world, and it doesn’t mean stupid things others do are your fault.

Chip Wilson, Lululemon’s founder, has some interesting things to say about this in this old article about Landmark and Lululemon.


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