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June 18, 2008

Living Life Powerfully

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I just found an amazing blog post. It’s easy to get inspired when you have some great accomplishment, and it’s usually easy to share that accomplishment with people. However, when you have some big disappointment or breakdown, it doesn’t always seem easy at all. In fact, I would go so far as to say that one of the reason we don’t always give life our full efforts is that we’re afraid of being hugely disappointed if we do so and it doesn’t work out. If we don’t give it our all, we can always comfort ourselves with the illusion that we can try harder next time.

This post is about an actor who found himself receiving a big break, a key part in the play “Death of a Salesman,” and then losing the part the day before the play was to open. How he kept living life powerfully in the face of disappointment is inspiring to me. The post was originally an email response to friends from his landmark education self expression programme who asked him about the play:

My play got cancelled. Actually my role in the play got canceled. I had got the opportunity to act because an important character’s mom had to get an operation done on the dates of the play. But now her operation is postponed and he can act. I got to know it all just today, and I hope you all get to read this mail before planning anything.

But I really want to share with you the breakthrough I had in this incident. You know, the director told me that he would prefer the old character to perform instead of me because he had much more experience and I have not had an opportunity to rehearse properly (as in with the whole troupe) yet.

I said thats fine. And I was slightly upset. The breakthrough is that I was slightly upset for just 10 seconds flat. In those 10 seconds, I created a context that gave me power. As in, if I were playing a match, and a better player could replace me to help the team win the match, I would have willingly given him my position. And this is what I did. The whats-so is also that I had turned almost everything in my life upside down to make this play happen. Memorizing the dialogs, taking audio clips and listening to them while riding, rehearsing in my free time, getting other people to fulfill my responsibilities, travel 60+km a day, give up a few things that I wanted to do over the week, etc.; it was like a dream come true for me. And 1 day before the event I am told that I can’t do it.

And I don’t abuse them, I don’t get upset, and I actually enjoy the experience.

While riding back home, I was actually enjoying being in the present! No earphones, no dialogs. Smiling all along.

This is called ‘Living Life Powerfully’. And as I had mentioned, I am living a life I love anyways.

I don’t know if I am communicating it properly, but this is breakthrough for me and I want to thank [you] each individually for giving me this kind of a life.


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