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July 29, 2008

Cup of Teachings

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I found another new extraordinary personal development blog–They seem to be popping up all over the place. Check out Cup of Teachings to what else is there now. Here was part of her introductory post:

Thank you taking the time to visit this blog! I am excited to share my knowledge, thoughts and ideas on nutrition, leadership and personal development, tea and more!

I am currently developing my business, West Coast Specialteas and myself through Landmark Education, readings of Eckhart Tolle, Wallace Wattles, Robin Sharma, Jim Rohn and James Ray.

To get things started:

This morning I enjoyed one of my favourite teas – Golden Yunnan – I got to thinking about the game of life. So many of us humans are conditioned into thinking we are not good enough, we can’t do things because (place what you want here), we play the “what if” game, or we listen to other peoples opinions about whether or not we can do it. Perhaps many of us are afraid of failure, or success. Maybe we have it that we can not be an Einstein or a Alexander Graham Bell. Yet those who have accomplished something in their life that we may consider to be “way out there” are people like everyone else. The difference, one could say, is that they chose to play a big game – they went after and created the idea based from their imagination. These people or “geniuses” as some would say were put down continuosly by those around them. Yet they decided to pursue the dream, to play the big game and make it happen.

One of the things for me is that I have had a belief about myself that I am not good enough. I am never a good enough mom, ball player, I can’t be competitive in bodybuilding because I am not good enough to do so, I can’t possibly be a business woman because I am not good enough at bookkeeping or sales and I am not a good wife. What I am able to get is that I have made all of that up!! It is a story that I tell myself to get out of doing things!! This is such a limiting beleif about myself. I may have had someone tell me that I had a lofty goal to compete in bodybuilding – which by the way I intrepretated that I am not good enough! Yet it was completely untrue.

So then what’s next? Once you are able to see that about yourself, or myself in this matter, then it is time to come up with a game to play. Somewhat like a goal. The context of goal and game is quite a bit different. For me, hearing ‘goal’ is something that is far away…and sometimes un-attainable (which is my “not good enough” dialogue with myself). But ‘game’ is in the now. I can be in the game of bodybuilding at all times. Each time I work out, each time I eat – that is the game of bodybuilding. In the context of ‘goal’ a workout may seem more like work to get somewhere. Whereas in the game, I can have fun and be winning at it all the time. It is in the being in a game that is exciting and you want to do it.


July 17, 2008

New Australian Landmark Education Blog!

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It’s great to see a new blog relating experiences about Landmark Education out there! It’s called My post Landmark Journey. Check it out! The author posts about her Self Expression project and whatever else she feels like–Here’s an example of how she blogs about her husband:

I got, that I have really never acknowledged my husband for the financial contribution he brings to the family. He works full time, I work part time, and we share all income evenly. Of course we do, we are a marriage, and a partnership, but I suddenly got that there is no way I could have my current lifestyle if I had to provide for my self and my daughters on my wage. Not even If I only had myself to look after.

So I thanked him.

Who do you need to acknowledge?

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