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May 1, 2008

Wizard Women

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I just saw this story about two Australian women who were partners who always argued about money. Doing the Landmark Forum got them in partnership and taking action around their dreams. This came from the Wizard Home Loan website. I like this tale because it shows the power of an insight that leads to cooperation and powerful action.

Singing from the same song sheet

Annie Pettitt and her partner Upekha Nadarajah had read all of the investment books, done their property investing homework, but were hamstrung when it came to making a decision.

The problem was that they had different attitudes to money and financial discussions always ended in arguments.

Annie takes up the story: “There was a lot of tension in our relationship when we talked about money. Conversations always ended in arguments.

“We had different spending patterns. I was someone who never bought anything unless I had the money and Upekha was exactly the opposite.

“Upekha had read a lot of investment books. They were a good foundation, but they didn’t make us get up off the couch and go and do something.

“We then did the Landmark Forum and other courses offered by Landmark Education. That shifted the way we were being about money and many other things in our lives. We did a Landmark Education seminar about money down the track and learned to discuss the investments and not all of the stuff around it. Now there is an ease about how we relate to money, and to each other about money.”

Once they were singing from the same song sheet the two women, who live in Sydney, hit the Internet and then the road looking for suitable rental properties in the South Island, where Annie hails from originally.

Says Annie: “We bought two properties. One is in Granity on the West Coast of the South Island and the other is in Bluff.

“Granity is a small town with a (working) mine. The prices in Granity haven’t gone up much yet and it has this feel as if it might grow in the future. Also, the properties were cheap.”

She adds: “The property market in Bluff also hasn’t gone up. Yet Riverton, which is pretty close by has gone up a lot. What’s more, Bluff is only 20 minutes commute to Invercargill.

“Both properties have water views. Views like that in Sydney would be worth at least a million dollars.”

Another factor was that Annie and Upekha were looking for areas with good capital growth. “We weren’t just interested in rental income. We did our research around the capital growth because we are thinking long term.”

Once they’re sure that the income stream from the first two properties is secure, they’ll buy a third.
Then, says Annie, they’ll wait for the capital values to rise so that they can revalue and borrow from the equity to buy more investment properties.

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