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April 29, 2008

Breakthroughs in all Areas

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I just came across this blog post from a consultant who wrote about how Landmark Education had impacted him, because I thought it was cool how the program not only made a difference in his business but in all areas of his life! Here it is:

I attended Landmark Forum June 2006 and Landmark Advanced Course in October 2006, and am currently attending Money Seminar in Landmark Education. After those courses, it is like as if my third eye is open, I could see more about what is happening in many businesses and it really expands my consulting practice. Those on this list probably see it first hand as I write about numerous innovations in the market.

My communication with my clients got smoother, and they can see clearer on what is possible for their own business through working together with me as their consultant. I also expand from a solo consultant who works at home to a consultant with 2 offices, and I also started hiring new staff to assist me in fulfilling new possibilities for my clients. I also moved my residence from my suburb house in Clementi to upmarket River Valley road.

I am now doing things that previously I did not think of, I am thinking of grooming new consultants to work under me to serve more of humanity and the market. I am also scouting for real estate to house my future colleagues and staff, and of course to empower my own enterprise capabilities. And in that process, I find out that my management consulting background may be able to help the real estate companies to structure their own business better. All these could not have happened (or not going to happen) without my involvement in Landmark Education’s courses, as it opens me to contributing to people.

To top it off, I even have a girlfriend now! Before my involvement in Landmark Education, I could not really communicate with a real girl. I also am having a better relationship with my mum, who I had problem with for many years. I find out that the capability to communicate with my family members translates to my ability to have a straight communication with my clients as well, as they too, like all human beings, seek to have fulfilling relationships.

Anyway, Landmark Education allows me to have effective communication with my team, and it is instrumental for ANY company (and family too) to function effectively. Now I am able to build up my own enterprise capabilities rather fast because of effective and clear communication with my staff. I find out that this process is repeatable if I have a system to send my own staff to attend the course. Once they have a fulfilling family life, they will have a fulfilling working life as well. Landmark Education will be an innovation on my business.

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