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July 8, 2009

Reconnecting with and Forgiving Parents

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This latest post really captures what the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education are really all about – that life is too short to waste on resentments and regrets, and underneath everything we just love people. This blog talks about a man reconnecting with his father after an estrangement – I found it deeply moving. An excerpt is below, including a letter the man sent to his father; read the whole thing here.

My note to my Dad after seeing him for the 1st time in 13 years

If you didn’t catch it, a few months ago I attended the landmark forum which is a seminar that empowers you in so many different ways but made me realize that I wanted a relationship with my Dad that I hadn’t seen in 13 years and he had never met my two boys (ages 9 and 11). Well, we went up there this past weekend and it was awesome. I have simply created a whole new life by taking action and making it happen and am so happy I did. This morning I wrote him a note about our experiences. Some people may wonder why would I share such an intimate moment on the Internet? Well, because I know my situation is not unique. I know some eyes that may read this are the eyes of someone who also hasn’t made the move to have a relationship with a family member that they wish were in their lives. We all have justifications on why we don’t have a relationship, we can all get buyin from people we talk to on why NOT to have a relationship with someone, but, those are the things that go on and then those people die and then we have lost that chance. I hope these words encourage you to make that move you have been neglecting as I did for 13 years. Namaste!

Go to the above link and read the letter he then wrote his father.


May 18, 2009

Landmark Education and Forgiveness

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I’ll admit it: stories about forgiveness tend to make me a bit weepy. Nothing moves more than a tale of how someone who walked around with decades of bitterness and anger gives up their burden and forgives those that they are blaming, or even more powerfully, realize that they themselves ought to ask forgiveness for the damage they’ve done to people through their own rage and self-righteousness. I don’t know quite what is about the Landmark Forum, but peace and forgiveness seem to come to a lot of people who do the course.

This next woman describes how she had hated her mother her whole life, and made herself miserable in order to make her mother miserable. In the course of taking the forum and other Landmark education courses, the woman decides to give up all of her hate. She says is much better than I can. Go read this remarkable blog post titled how to live.

April 28, 2008


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I’ve been meaning to write a post about forgiveness, because I think it’s at heart of what Landmark Education’s programs are about, but I’ve been struggling for the right words to use. I think one valuable thing I took away from the Landmark Forum is that forgiveness doesn’t mean approval–I think many of us are reluctant to forgive something because we think it would mean approving of what happened to us. Anyhow, as I was thinking about this, I came across this extraordinary blog post, which I thought captured it very well, both in terms of the miracles possible in forgiveness, and the opportunities it provides to contribute to others:

I want to share the miracle that occured in my marriage, which I see as creating my purpose on the planet – the way I am making a difference as a contribution. It is a LONG story, but I will give the short version. You can read the longer version someday when the book is finished… seriously!

After being married for almost 10 years, with 2 beautiful children, my husband and I found ourselves staring into the painful abyss of an ugly divorce… that is, until the miracle occured.

Our marriage had taken an ugly turn after I discovered his affairs on our computer, and after this, I “protected” myself by hiring a private investigator, collecting evidence for three excruciating months without being able to “let on” that I knew about it. It was just a horrendous situation. The confrontation was ugly; he didn’t admit to it for a long time, and I was convinced there was no possibility of recovery.

We separated and spent 5 months living apart – doing the whole kid trading routine, while each of us dug in “deep” and did intense individual, couples, and group therapy (12 step recovery for codependency). Even our oldest child went into therapy for a while. As a last ditch attempt to learn to communicate better with each other, my husband and I attended a seminar called the Landmark Forum (I am sure some of you out there are graduates!) and this, combined with all of the learning and growth we had done, created the space for our miracle to show up…

FORGIVENESS. It is not just a thought or an idea… It is not something that just glosses over the pain, or makes you “forget” what happened. It was such a powerful and spiritual experience, I now fully grasp what Jesus was trying to get across to us stubborn folks!!! Forgiveness is a REALM OF BEING. It is a space – a state. One can’t try and forgive. Forgiveness is 100 percent/0 – that means, one is either in a state of forgiveness, or one is not. And, there is nothing wrong if one is not in a state of forgiveness… it just is what it is.

But, the miracles that are possible once forgiveness is present is so powerful, I now am committed to a life in which I am part of spreading this message to everyone I can! My husband and I now have an amazing marriage – one we never could have had if we hadn’t gone through the pain of our past. But now, we know the difference, and we know the cost of going back to the insane behavior each of us used to participate in!

I have developed a project entitled “The Amends Project” ( to further this commitment. It is a totally free, voluntary, anonymous online community, the purpose of which is to share and spread the power of forgiveness around the planet. I am so excited to be a part of the solution for this hurting world…

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