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September 11, 2008

Setting Goals – Advice from Chip Wilson

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Hello! Sometimes I think there is synchronicity in the universe. I put up a blog post about setting goals, and just after I do, someone sends me a great video of Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon Athletica, a significant Canadian athletic apparel company, talking about personal development, goal setting, and mentioning the landmark forum along the way. Here it is!

This is just one of a whole set of videos Wilson and Lululemon have made about goals–Go check them all out for yourself if you are interested.


September 10, 2008

Setting a Goal and Accomplishing it

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I think oftentimes we don’t accomplish things in life because we simply don’t resolve that we are going to do what is necessary to make something happen. One thing I got out of taking the Landmark Forum is that when I get really resolved about something, I can almost always have it happen.

I was reading this blog about how a fellow brought this idea to a mundane area of his life–Buying a motorcycle. It was something he had always wanted, but had never done anything about. Here’s a quick post about the passion with which he took it on.

Two Wheels

Initially my head swarmed with grandiose ideas of celebrating my riding skills with a shiny, new motorcycle, but my friend Adam — an experienced rider — stated plainly that I *WILL* drop my first bike. He recommended instead buying a motorcycle for around $1000. Based on craigslist posts in this area, that would be a pretty shitty bike. I decided to look in the $2000 range instead, and to cement my decision, I went to the bank to withdraw $2000 in cash.

I should pause here to state that this is a huge change for me. I’ve never related to myself as a resolute person — someone who commits to the outcome first and then gets it done — until recently. But this is just one of the many ways my life has shown up differently in the wake of doing Landmark Education’s curriculum for living. It may sound all cheesy and fluffy in the brochures, but damn if the company doesn’t deliver on what it promises. Even (or perhaps especially) for cynical know-it-alls like me.

So anyhow, I’ve got an envelope full of cash and I’m scrolling through the ads on craigslist when I see one with no picture, hardly any description, and out of my price range to boot. 1996 Suzuki GS500E, 84xx miles, runs good. And a cell phone number. I googled the bike and damn if it wasn’t the exact style I was looking for. According to many recommendations and reviews, this bike could very well be the perfect starter bike. I remember thinking, “I hope it’s red.” Red wasn’t my top choice, but for 1996, it was definitely the nicest stock color. I sent an inquiring email about the condition of the bike and asking for pictures, and the seller responded promptly.

I’ll skip ahead here and say that I ended up at his place about a 25-minute drive from my condo the next morning at 7:45 AM. He refreshlingly told me everything that was wrong with the bike before telling me all the work that had been done on it recently to make it truly road-worthy. As customary, I showed him my license and let him hold the money while I took it on a test ride.

It rode like a dream. This is the bike.

The next thing was to work out the sale. He was asking for quite a bit over blue book value, but I later found that the GS500 is pretty popular in this area and that his price wasn’t entirely unreasonable. Still, I took a page from Shirley, queen of “never pay full price,” and negotiated the price down $250 with a repaired (not bent) brake handle, a fixed rear turn indicator, and delivery to my doorstep. I’m particularly proud of the delivery because the last thing I wanted to do was get on my new bike and ride it for 25 minutes back to my condo. It would have easily been my longest ride ever and first on the highway. Total cost, $1850.

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