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June 5, 2008

Postpartum Dads

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I just came across a website that for me represented a very moving example of someone using the programs of Landmark Education to make a real and needed difference in the world. The website is, and it was created by a man named David Klinker.

Klinker says that he created the site after doing a Landmark Education program and realizing he wanted to assist others. He had been through a rough time when his wife had experienced postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter, and he realized while there were resources for women suffering from postpartum depression there was almost nothing out there for Dads dealing with the depression of their wives, or even their own depression after the birth of her child.

Out of this he created the Postpartum Dads website, which has become probably the largest resource for Fathers dealing with this issue in some way in their lives. The website is chock full of helpful information and advice, for both depressed Dads and Dads with depresses partners, to dozens of personal, inspiring stories of men who have managed to come through this issue with happy and fulfilled lives.

If postpartum depression has impacted you in any way or you just want to be inspired by an incredible website, visit it now!


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