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March 18, 2011

Time Magazine Landmark Forum Review

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While I tend to report here about Landmark Forum reviews written by individuals on their personal blogs, I would be remiss in not mentioning a review of the Landmark Forum written in one of America’s largest magazines, Time, which came out a short while ago. While this review is in a magazine, and also talks about other personal development options, the reporter’s story about Landmark reads a lot like the sort of personal reviews I often link to here, so I think it’s relevant, even if I don’t think it’s more or less important just because it’s in a big magazine.

I think the reviewer insightfully notices something that the people who lead the Landmark Forum are very good at – pointing to where we make excuses for where we don’t have what we want in our life.

Here’s the Landmark Forum Review in Time Magazine.


December 9, 2009

Uncrazy review of the Landmark Forum

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Today’s review comes from the Digressica blog, proof positive that even those with cynical worldviews get something out of the Landmark Forum.

She’s got a pretty balanced view of the course – likes the stuff about humans adding meaning to life and the power of keeping one’s promises, not so high on lots of marketing and new age types around the course. Fair enough.

In all, Digressica isn’t as high on The Landmark Forum as I am, but because she turned me on to Ask a Ninja’s review of the movie Ninja Assassin, I’ll cut her some slack. It’s worth reading if you want a level-headed review of the Landmark Forum that isn’t cheerleading (like yours truly) and isn’t from one of those crazy ‘Landmark is da devil!’ types. Enough of my jabbering, check out her uncrazy review of the landmark forum.

October 30, 2009

Dad on Fire

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Before I get to my next post, I’d like to say that it’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to put something up here – real life, work, etc. have gotten quite pressing, and I probably won’t be able to post much more in the near future. But a time will come when I’ll get back here more regularly.

In the meantime, I do have a few moments to bring out this interview in a publication called Tucson Weekly from the United States. It tells about a man who is dealing with his son’s heroin addiction, and who apparently got inspired while taking the Landmark Forum to help others in this regard, forming a blog titled Man on Fire to assist others also struggling with a loved one’s addiction.

One reason I really like this post is that it shows a man with power in the face of really lousy circumstances. Anyone who says that if you take the Landmark Forum, live will be wonderful from here on out is simply lying to you. Life is going to have its bad parts. The question is, who are you going to be when life is tough? This man has answered the question in an inspiring way. Here’s a bit of the Tucson Weekly interview.


Bill Ford started the blog Dad on Fire in July, feeling empowered after taking a leadership class with Landmark Forum in Phoenix. At the time, Ford was embarking on a new relationship with his 22-year-old son, a recovering heroin addict. The Tucson architect wants to create a resource and forum for others to learn more about drug addiction—and to perhaps create more compassion in society for addicts and their families.

Before your son, did you have any experience with addiction?

I started my life as a 13-to-14-year-old kid experimenting with things. What drove me to that is up for debate. My dad was a military man who was always stationed in foreign places. So I think it left a lot up to me. At the time, drinking was very acceptable, so I drank. I started as a teenager. That continued for 20 years. After college, I made a decision to end it.

Read the rest of the interview. And visit Bill Ford’s blog at

August 18, 2009

Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

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In my fascination with Landmark Education and its programs, and why people have so many different reactions to it, I came across something that I think subtly gets at why so many people like the courses, and why at the same time it seems to upset some outside critics.

This piece barely mentions Landmark Education, it’s more about just giving success tips. It briefly says that Landmark is a great aid to letting go of self limiting beliefs, something that I agree with. And I think that’s why it sometimes attracts a lot of controversy.

Seeing a point of view that you’ve had that’s been holding you back can be incredibly powerful. I noticed it myself when I did the Landmark Forum and I saw where I unconsciously viewed myself as a failure, or at least as someone who was limited in the kind of success I could achieve.

But if you talk to some people about “letting go of beliefs”, I think it makes them a bit daffy. “That’s brainwashing!” some scream, particularly in the western world, where our cherished individuality is everything to us. People will fight and kill and argue forever about the rightness of their beliefs; it’s what you could say we’re best at. If the internet has opened up a new world of communication for people, what have people used this new world for? Well, if you look at the internet, it’s pretty obvious that a great many people are using it to argue about their beliefs. I don’t think anyone would deny this.

And if you look at someone arguing on the internet, “giving up a limiting belief” appears to be the last thing in the universe they’d ever want to do – they’d rather die first.

Which comes back to Landmark Education. I personally think this is what both gives the power to its courses and rankles some people. Something where giving up self-limiting beliefs is a big part of the programs deeply threatens some people.

The ridiculous part of it is that people then assume that if one is giving up certain beliefs, the organization must be replacing those beliefs with its own sinister beliefs. But Landmark Education doesn’t do that at all. It’s not about giving up one set of rigid beliefs so that one can embrace another set of rigid beliefs. It’s about about realizing that all beliefs are inherently limited by their own point of view and that fighting over them doesn’t give a lot of fulfillment in life. Oh well – until next time!

February 23, 2009


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I’m always moved when I see someone who is genuinely appreciative of the life that they have and the people they have around them. This woman scores a perfect 10 on the appreciation scale.


It just hit me how unbelievably lucky I am. Things in my life are going so wonderfully, I never could have dreamed of such contentment and bliss in all aspects of my life. Since FUEL, things have gone so uphill, I feel like I’m in the heavens. Obviously the movie in itself was a blessing, but also to have met Jon was just the beginning. I could not have imagined such a wonderful man to share my life with. He impresses me and melts me every single day. The fullness of his love, his kindness and his protection is so empowering, I miss him every moment.

Through FUEL I also found Landmark Education, which has overwhelmingly empowered me. Half of what I have, including Jon, has stemmed from Landmark. Without it, I would not appreciate and respect Jon as much as I do. I would not care so much about being the perfect girlfriend, the woman who loves endlessly. I would be merely selfish and juvenile, a girl playing games. Without it, I would not have this strengthening relationship with my family, and my mom, especially. Since I opened up and had conversations with everyone, moments have become so much more special and light. Without it, I would not have reached for AIDS Cycle. Well, I would have reached, but I would have given up, in lack of faith. I would not work so hard alone on anything. Without it, I would not have acknowledged my best friends, building our relationship to surprising heights. Without it, I wouldn’t be as upward-moving as I am in my career.  It has been wonderful to finally become the person I’ve wanted to be.

When Jeff, my Forum leader, told his story of how he started to walk taller after Landmark, head held high, I thought he was exaggerating. But, to my gleeful surprise, it is true. I walk taller now, and I love the view.

This came from this woman’s serchingforthewords blog. I believe that the FUEL referred to in the post is the documentary film made about alternative energy that won prizes at Sundance and other film festivals (I don’t know if this is accurate, but I read that FUEL began as a Self Expression/Leadership project. I might as well show a bit from that film.

February 5, 2009

Releasing Mental Baggage – Landmark Forum review

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A blogger named Gupta Roli recently wrote a review of the Landmark Forum that is striking for its passion and its openness. I am especially struck not just by the freedom the writer now experiences but by the power with which he is in action around what’s important to him in his life (his writing). Here’s the post:
being committed to my own happiness and creativity
Recently, I did a really crazy thing – against all odds and constraints (odds which were actually only in my head) – I registered for the Landmark Forum. I spent 3 and ½ mentally exhausting days figuring myself and my world out. It was a roller coaster ride – ups and downs, at once exhilarating and sometimes really depressing. I was also doubtful about the course and went from thinking that it was all just talk and nothing would come out of it, things would never change. But the bottom line is that life now is really great. I have gotten rid of mental baggage from many years ago, and now I feel empty, light and free. But like all things great, life is also tough now. I no longer have the luxury of blaming others and circumstances for my situation and condition in life. In fact, I cannot even blame myself for my problems. As part of the forum, we declare new possibilities for ourselves and our lives. Not just declare them to ourselves, we also speak about it and involve others into the new worlds that we create for ourselves. I know all this sounds like psychotic mumbo jumbo, and I also know what the readers of this blog are thinking – Roli needs to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible! Of course, if you google Landmark Forum, you will see how ity has been accused of brainwashing, hypnotising people and even been accused of being a cult.
Well, those who know me personally will know that if a person like me whose motto in life was “to never forgive and never forget” can speak about getting rid of years worth of mental junk…they will know that this feeling and this way of being for me indicates a completely new transformed Roli – a happy, free and cheerful individual. This is not about getting influenced by some pep talk or getting brainwashed or hypnotized – This is the most profound experience that anyone can have in their lives, one that I wish everyone to have.
And no, this is not an advertisement…but just a pouring out of my feelings post the Landmark Forum, to provide a background to what I now intend to do – something that I love doing but used to constantly make excuses not to – writing. I used to keep waiting to write only when something was to be published in any one of the several publications that I write for as a freelance writer. But that phase of being is over – now on I intend to post one article on my blog everyday…it could be anything that catches my fancy and what I have just written is the first of the many blogs that will come from my pen…err, my keyboard.
And here is a link to Gupta Roli’s blog.

January 28, 2009

Freedom from pain

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Here’s a Landmark Forum review that comes very close to being a pure “testimonial”, something that happens a lot when people truly see what is possible in their lives. This woman’s openness to all sorts of possibilities seems inspiring.

Find Freedom with Personal Breakthroughs

I’d like to take a moment to give same major props to Landmark Education for the inspiring, outstanding, transforming experience I had over the past weekend at the Landmark Forum.

I can honestly say that before the Forum, I was basically going through the motions of life and just “getting by” – barely – in all aspects of my life. What I didn’t know is, well, what I didn’t know, and that is the power of the Forum. I became aware of my blind spots in life and now have a new kind of freedom. As so many people say in the Forum upon graduation, “I got my life back.”

Consider that before the Forum, I had difficulty breathing, I had knee pain from my surgery many months ago, and I had persistent neck and back pain. All of those things are gone now. And if that was happening, I can only imagine what was happening INSIDE my body prior to the Forum. Think of the potential illness and disease that may have been lurking within due to my anxiety.

Those are just the physical benefits. I have opened new doors of possibilities that I never knew existed. I’ve taken a deep breath, cried, called loved ones, shaken myself right down to the very core and found the little voice inside me that’s been screaming all this time to get out – the one that probably got drowned out sometime when I was a kid.

I am more aware of my “being” than ever, and life is a blank canvas. I thank God for giving me the courage and power to transform, because at last I am free.

The writer has a whole website based on the sale of organic clothing. Visit the Rain Frog/Bamboo Files site if you have a moment.

January 8, 2009

Day Two of the Landmark Forum

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This is a continuation from my earlier post, excerpted from the blog of Paula Kirsch, who gives a day by day account of her experience.

Day Two

As the course progresses it gets more interesting and more positive. I think the most beneficial result I’ve experienced so far is the simple realization that I often look for “problems” where there are none… or they are things that will take care of themselves. I am reminded of how great my life is and how awesome my family is. I am also reminded that we create our own reality.

We talked about how problems are not something to get rid of. To be problem free or stress free only happens in death! Big problems are present in a big life… so if anything I guess we should wish for bigger problems!

Go to the link above to read the whole thing.

Or go on to read about the

third day of Paula’s Landmark Forum Review

December 23, 2008

Real Estate Agent Reviews the Landmark Forum

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I don’t know why, but real estate agents in particular seem to love the Landmark Forum. Maybe it’s because they value ideas, but they also value specific, measurable results. Anyhow, it’s not extremely relevant, because this man’s results tended more towards the personal than the professional. Read on.

Last February, 2008, I was sitting in a hotel conference room in Ventura. It was 9:00 in the morning and the Landmark Forum was about to begin. I was excited about this “transformational” course, not quite sure what to expect. The adventure that started that morning is turning out to be one of the most impactful events in my life. For those who don’t know about the Landmark Forum, it takes place over three days of a weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday plus Tuesday evening. The full days start at 9 am and end at 10 pm.

There were over 100 people in the room with a seminar leader, no books, and no handouts. It was simply a conversation between the Forum leader and us, and I felt like the conversation was focused on me. She directed me to look at what’s happening right now in my life, where it’s been, and where it’s going. I’m used to goal setting, focusing on the future, where I’m headed. Looking at what’s happening right now in my life, at what was not working so well, was new to me.

What wasn’t working so well was my family. That led me to phone my Mom and Dad, followed by my brothers. I didn’t stop there, I spoke with my estranged former wife and Brian and Beth, my two grown children. I went to the seminar to improve my business, but after 30 minutes, relationship issues trumped earning more income. Within days of completing the weekend I went to a 21st birthday celebration for Brian – with Leah, my former wife, his mother, attending. We got along like civilized people, happy parents, celebrating the life passage of our son. Because Leah and I had been so distant and cold, this celebration was a miracle.

Weeks later I planned a family outing with Leah, and both kids. The date arrives, now we’re playing croquet in Oak Park. Beth’s asking us to play children against parents, meaning Leah’s on my side. We’re playing to win, which we do by one stroke. It is a terrific match requiring real teamwork! I’m passing around the chips and salsa finishing off the afternoon with a pot luck picnic. My family suffered through the previous 10 years of my divorce. Events like this were not going to happen without something new being added, in this case the Landmark Forum.

The Landmark Forum works by getting each participant to look at their own lives, to see the costs of keeping things “the way they are.” Once costs are genuinely exposed and authentically owned avenues for action open that were not there before. Within a framework of responsibility, finding what is missing in the status quo, and creating possibilities that pull for openings to occur, the Landmark Forum is a weekend that absolutely changed my life. I say so unequivocally, because it was eight months ago, and that is how I feel about it today.

It costs $495, but what it has done for my family is worth $495 per month until I die. That is the value we received. Landmark Education, LLC started the Landmark Forum in 1991 and more than one million people have taken this course. It is currently available in 100 cities, in 21 countries, in 7 languages. This gives you an idea of the global scope and popularity of this course.

Friends and acquaintances have seen the changes, for the good, in my life. Passing along something that works, like the Landmark Forum, makes me feel good. My work is to connect your home with your next adventure. Please pass along your recommendation of me as a Realtor with the same feeling that I have for recommending the Landmark Forum. Call me to know more about the Landmark Forum and to start your next real estate adventure.

Here’s the original link to this real estate newsletter about the Landmark Forum.

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