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June 6, 2012

The Press Landmark Forum Review

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Someone recently sent me a very thoughtful Landmark Forum review written by John McCrone of The Press, Christchurch’s main newspaper, and it doesn’t appear to be up on the internet anywhere, so I thought I’d put it up here.



January 22, 2009

Cult rumors

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Whenever I see someone talk about Landmark Education being a cult or cultlike, it always makes me laugh – It strikes me as one of those urban legends that circulates endlessly, such as the lie about Tommy Hilfiger appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and disparaging African Americans. It’s been disproven, but still it wanders around…

This blog post is particularly amusing because it speaks to one woman’s paranoia in this regard!

Is Landmark a Cult

About 5 years ago, my college roommate invited me to a Landmark Education meeting. She was in a cult in college (complete with baptism, bible study in our room, shunning of non-cult friends), so I was suspect. But late 2007, I dated a fellow with anger issues similar to my own who also recommended it to me. At first I was offended, cursed at him, locked myself in the bathroom and he didn’t mention it again. We broke up a bit after.

But I could tell that whatever Landmark had to offer, it helped two people who were quite dear to me. I’ve tried a lot of other self help, so I thought I’d go to an information session and decide for myself. Just be open to the experience.

I must admit, I’ve fought it all the way. But I signed up for the entire program, the Landmark Forum, the Advanced Course, and am finishing up the Self Expression and Leadership Program next week. The Landmark pitch is that the education will provide courage, self-confidence, freedom from resentment and regret, peace of mind, the ability to fully express your love, the clarity to make important choices, and happiness. To my surprise, all those outcomes have occured for me this past year.

The Landmark approach isn’t for everyone. And if its a cult, then just be careful about drinking the water. But it has gotten me to write and publish after at least 18 years of being silent. Go figure.

Examine this “Self-Helped” blog for more good stuff.

December 15, 2008

“Fewer Wars and Misunderstandings” – Landmark Forum review

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This morning I read one of the most insightful and accurate Landmark Forum reviews that I think I’ve ever read. From the writer’s initial skepticism based on website reports about Landmark Education to their expanded view of what is possible for humanity out of people being truly connected, this post has a strong ring of authenticity. In fact, this entire blog, titled entrepreMusings and focused on both business and parenting is an excellent read for those inclined. Here’s the post.

A Transformation in Process

Last weekend I had a profound experience at a seminar called the Landmark Forum. At the beginning of the forum, they tell you the goal is to experience a transformation. I don’t think I achieved it in the intended way but the insights I gained have been phenomenal!

I was extremely skeptical when I first heard about it. I usually approach things from a very analytical viewpoint so I had a hard time getting over ‘I’ve seen this all before‘ mentality. I even went to one of their orientation sessions at the recommendation of an amazing person, Marlene Merritt who founded Merritt Acupuncture, and left feeling like they were trying to ‘hard sell’ me on signing up. I don’t like it when people try to convince me to buy something when I’m not ready.

I saw Marlene a few times after that and each time she said she really felt I would get something out of attending and how taking it profoundly affected her life 7 years ago. She didn’t get anything out of me signing up. Nothing at all, except for the joy in seeing me go through a life changing event. And for that I’m grateful. I had been experiencing many diametrically opposing feelings leading up to my standing at The Entrepreneurial Ledge, so I signed up.

After signing up, a friend sent me a link to an article on a well respected online site with a note saying it seemed like a ponsi-scheme. In addition to acknowledging that CNN and Reebok executives have successfully participated in the forum, the article strongly insinuated that it was cult-like. I was hurt when I read the article because it took a lot for me to share that I was taking the course. After taking the class and thinking about it, I decided to re-interpret his response and apply a different meaning — one that meant he cared enough about me to research it and share his concerns.

Another friend who had taken the course also said it was a good course but she could see how people could think it was a bit cult-like because of the terminology they used. After taking it, I determined it’s no more cult-like than the Episcopal or Southern Baptist churches I attended growing up! She said she thought it might help me surface some issues so I should go in with an open mind. And boy did it really unearth some stuff for me.

It’s hard to explain everything I got out of taking that course in a mere blog post but suffice it to say, I now view the world differently. I’ve been able to have very different conversations with my kids, my husband, my mother, my sister, and my co-workers. I even called my father who I haven’t spoken to in probably a couple of years…although we exchange email from time to time.

I’m still me, but with a different view of my life and my world. They describe the transformation as something like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is still the same creature but the butterfly has a vastly different view of its world because it can fly. I don’t feel like I’m a butterfly yet, but I understand more of the mechanics of how one becomes one.

The Landmark Forum can’t really be compared to anything else, but humans learn by comparing so while I was sitting there, many of the concepts reminded me of what is written in The Power of Now, Siddhartha, and A New Earth, as well as what many philosophers and psychologists have mentioned in the past. After all, even the Bible states “there is nothing new under the sun!

I 100% believe that if everyone took the Landmark Forum, there would be fewer wars and misunderstandings in this world. Before finishing the Forum, we were all supposed to come up with a possibility we were inventing for ourselves and our lives and one 50-ish year old man got up at the microphone in front everyone and shared his. His mother and brother had both died when he was fairly young and he had been angry for most of his life. He was angry that they had left him and he had not even realized how hurt and angry he was for so many years. The possibility he invented for himself was the possibility of having every teenage orphan in the United States take the Landmark Forum for teens. He felt if he could save those kids the decades of pain he felt, he could make a huge difference in this world. I gave him both of my cards and said “let me know how I can help.”

You’ll have to take the Forum yourself for the punch line, but one of the possibilities I invented for myself and my life is the possibility of being courageous and empowering people to achieve their dreams. Now people might think I already do some of that but it’s always been laced with fear of people not liking me, or worse that I will be abandoned and not loved.

And coincidentally enough on Tuesday at my day job, before the last late night session of the Forum, I was presented with the opportunity to be courageous. And I was and still am afraid, but I took a stand anyway. I may not have this day job for much longer because of the stand I am taking, and people might not like me, but I don’t want to look back and say I was not true to the possibility I invented for myself and my life.

December 12, 2008

How People Perceive the Landmark Forum

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This next post I include not just to give another person’s experience of the Landmark Forum, but because the writer does such a great job of describing how people sometimes misinterpret their friends’ enthusiasm for the Landmark Forum based on things they’ve read about the course on the web being a cult or a scam or something similar. I could say more, but I’ll let this blogger (BB) speak in their own words.

The Landmark Forum Experience…Why Not?

Recently I attended The Landmark Forum and had a very positive experience. Luckily, I took the advice of my friend to take the class and did ZERO research before signing up. If I had done some research, I think I would have NOT signed up. I believed his word that The Landmark Forum was a positive experience and a few days before attending I heard it was a cult, nothing much else. I thought oh well, I signed up on a good recommendation.

The day after the class, I didn’t think about it much except when I talked to a friend who also took it about the impact it had and what we both saw after taking it. Our conversation went very well because the combination of friendship and both of us have had taken The Forum.

Later that day, I had another discussion with good friend who I thought might take it. I talked to him briefly on the weekend and I thought he would come to the “Tuesday” meeting after, but since he has changed his mind. We had a discussion about it on IM and I attempted to convince him it was a good idea to attend the Forum, but in the end he sent me links and ideas of how it was bad (pyramid scheme, religion, etc.) and he wouldn’t be attending. It was interesting to see how the phrasing and concepts of the forum could be applied to the discussion. I’m not going to get into that, but I found it very powerful.

This discussion was good and bad. It was good because I think I understand how The Landmark Forum operates as a business and as a perceived cult and why people are so fearful. It was a bad conversation because my friend isn’t interested because of what he read online.

Now I must ask the question to myself of why The Forum is received online so negatively. 1) I’m not a worse person after attending, 2) I feel I received my money’s worth, 3) No one has told me I’m not me today 4) I did not experience amazing results, 5) I experienced others experience amazing results.

How is The Forum perceived to get new students? Brain washing!

How does The Forum actually get new students in a way that is misinterpreted as being negative? I’ll make it very simple; it works like a drug… Person goes to Forum, person experiences amazing thing, person feels high from the amazing things, person is excited for self and friends to experience amazing things, person wants friend to attend, friend feels pressured because person is high from amazing things. Friend doesn’t go because the combination of the stupid things online and the person telling him he should attend which friend misinterprets because he read it’s a cult and now thinks person is brainwashed.

Although I compare it to a drug, I’m not addicted, but I bet some people get addicted to their amazing results. Is The Forum bad? Well, if the person received something bad, then yes, it would be bad. But I’m sorry to tell you, there is no voodoo, brain washing, etc. It’s just a positive experience.

My feeling is that over-all, I think the forum is a great opportunity. A caveat of caution is that if you’re very vulnerable, you will probably get a good experience from it, but you may also not understand what happened to you because (a) you’re too busy having major breakthroughs and (b) you’re so high and excited from these you’re brain will be buzzing and lead to a non-realization. I would imagine after a few days you’d get it, but who knows.

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