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May 7, 2008

Living in the Moment

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The following blog post isn’t about Landmark Education or the Landmark Forum — It’s actually about exercise and acting. The post talks about all kinds of things I find cool and that are related to what I got out of the Landmark Forum — Being in the Moment, truly listening to other people, giving up preconceived ideas about situations, being authentic — That I put it here for your enjoyment!

When I first started acting in the mid 1980s I worked with an acting coach by the name of Darryl Hickman. Darryl introduced me to an acting technique and life philosophy he called “Being In The Moment.” He felt that to be a good actor, you needed to stop acting or pretending and start listening. The words you’d hear from another actor had to be felt on a deep emotional level. It’s affect on the
actor needed to be real, not pretended. He’d say that poorly trained actors rehearse scenes with preconceived attitudes and/or fake emotions. If the stage direction in a script says a wife and husband are yelling, it doesn’t mean that the actors needed to think and act angrily. His method taught actors to learn their lines and let things happen organically. He felt that good acting happened when two or more people in a scene reacted to the events around them, as opposed to acting with some kind of a preconceived interpretation of a script. This was a very scary undertaking because it forced actors to trust a process that constantly left them open and vulnerable.

I tell you this because far too often I see people in the “real world” try to present themselves in a light that they think others want to see them. We have found a way to protect ourselves by putting on an act. Many of us aren’t real in the real world. We’re acting for others. The second we wake, we start writing the script, and act our way right up to the point before we fall asleep. It’s because we’re afraid to “live in the moment.” Living in the moment sometimes means appearing imperfect and vulnerable. We think we’re better off if we present ourselves as busy, smart, important, brash, tough or cool. Most often, this kind of show doesn’t allow us to really be us. The crazy thing is that most people aren’t even aware that they’re doing it. Boasting, bragging, excuses and little white lies are all part of the act. We get so used to acting this way that it feels normal. It’s a way of protecting our fragile egos because we’re afraid to appear human. It’s only in the quiet times alone that this acting routine we
present to the world feels empty and wrong.

What does any of this have to do with Health and Fitness? Everything! Being, living and working out in the moment allows you to release the ego and the act, so you can react and enjoy the reality of the


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