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February 9, 2009

Stuft Expresses Disappointment at the Lack of Mind Control in the Landmark Forum

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If you’ve never read the “Stuft” blog, I recommend it highly – I’ve linked to it before, but I feel compelled to do so again-over the weekend author Samantha did a brilliant job at poking fun of alarmist websites that believe that personal development programs like the Landmark Forum somehow engage in mind control or spout lies about the so-called ‘Landmark Education Cult’. Here is some of that story. If you have time read the whole thing at STUFT-There’s a lot of great stuff over there on a wide variety of topics, particularly education.

Have I got the Cult for You!

For those of you who don’t know us well it may have slipped by you that my husband and I are in a cult. But don’t feel left out, you probably are too. There are several places you can do your research online to find out if you currently belong to a cult and don’t be suprised if you discover that your frequent trips around the drive through at McDonald’s means you are a victim of a cult too.

Chris and I, however, knew that we were participating in the activities of a registered cult when we began attending Landmark Education Seminars and quite frankly we were dissappointed by the lack of mind control and domination as was promised on various websites and blogs.

What we have experienced after now completing the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and Landmark in Action seminar series is a pale shadow of the mind control we had anticipated. The Soviets would have been disappointed had they used Landmark’s brainwashing methods for trail.

Unfortunately we still have to think for ourselves, tie our own shoes and take responsibility for our own mistakes. The charismatic forum leaders were completely relatable and easy going folk and we feel no compulsion to carry and effigy of their image in our wallet or even mention their names on a daily basis. They presented not a single concept that was any more bizarre than mainstream philosophical insights presented in scientific or religious circles and they did it using totally secular curriculum that was well-structured and used all the principles of effective pedagogy administered in most state schools today.


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