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December 1, 2008

Breaking Through Barriers

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I am constantly amazed at how many people I hear about who have undertaken extraordinary physical feats out of their participation in Landmark Education’s programs. I believe that when people remove limits from their lives and a lot of the self-criticism they have been doing, they are free to challenge themselves in extraordinary ways, not because they have to, but because it’s inspiring to do so. Here’s the latest example that I’ve read about:

Screws in my Coffee

I am training for the Bandera 100k Trail Race in January, so this is why I am running this race in Palo Duro. I have been preparing for endurance running since last year. Currently my longest run is 20.36 miles. When I aws in my forum the leader was 70 years old and he was doing 100 mile runs in the Rockies. His goal was to be the strongest man for his age. This really inspired me.

I had stopped running in my early thirties because of knee injuries. I am 56 years old now. I had been telling myself that I could not run. So after Landmark Education training I started creating some possibilities and my life was being transformed. There were several areas that Landmark provided me with tools to make my life fulfilling. I transformed relationships at work, home and with my children, but I wanted more. I wanted to really challenge myself to do something that I had no way of figuring out how to do it except that I was going to take a big leap of faith and say that I wanted to do it. My goal is to run 100 miles.

When I started running again in February 2005 I did not have the idea that I would want to run. I actually got involved with an exercise program at work through the Cancer Association Active For Life. HT got a RunTex coach to come on campus to help several faculty and staff prepare for a 5k race that would benefit HT. I was planning on walking the event. What happened in the next few months was amazing, I got a pair of shoes and with the coaches help I started running.

My co-worker Stephanie Bond-Huie and I started running during lunch last year. She was training for this 50 mile trail race. At the time I could barely keep up with her on a four mile run. She was very encouraging with me and told me that I would love trail running if I would only try it. I thought she was nuts but I was inspired by her determination to run 50 miles. Well this year I signed up for the Rouge Running Trail 101 class. The prerequisite was to be able to run 6 miles without stopping. I spent the winter running loops around LBJ lake so I was very comfortable in running 10 miles without stopping. After running on a trail for the first time I was so excited that I could not contain myself. I thought to myself that I have gone all of my life walking on hiking trails and I never thought once to run on them.

I entered my first 10k trail race called The Saint and I ran it in 1 hour. I placed 102 out of 232 10k runners. I entered my second 10k race, a road race the Nike Human Race which I finished in 53 minutes. At the start of this year I made a goal to run 1,000 miles in one year. Currently I am at mile 767.27.

Now I am in a trail training class to run 100k at Bandera. When I signed up for the class I could not imagine how I would run 62 miles. I have never even run a Marathon of 26 miles. Once again I am using Landmark tools to create a gap or breakdown and then work towards creating a bridge to get across it. Along the way I am meeting new friends and getting a lot of knowledge about how my body works. One thing that I know is that when you hang out with people that say you cannot do something and you also tell yourself that you cannot do it then you most likely will have a tough time doing it. When you hang out with people who are doing amazing things and they encourage you to do amazing things then you will have an easier time accomplishing whatever you want. I am running with men and women of all shapes and sizes and they have one thing in common, they love endurance running. My trail coach is 55 years old and his wife is about 50. They both have run several 100 mile races.

So on Friday October 17 my wife and I will hit the road in our Dodge Cumins diesel and haul our 5th wheel Grand Junction to Palo Duro before. We plan to arrive dark and enjoy the pre race pasta dinner. I will start my run at 7 AM on Saturday. The course will be open for 7 hours. I am running 2 12.5 mile laps and one 6 mile lap. I run about 10 minute miles for 10 miles so I may average 13-15 minutes for the 30 miles. Stephanie tells me that the race crowd is pretty laid back. The canyon is beautiful so I will see the floor of the canyon for 30 miles on Saturday. We will hang out on Sunday and start back to Austin on Monday.

To read more about this man’s adventures, visit the Screws in My Coffee blog.


June 5, 2008

Getting in Action

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I found a blog post written by a personal trainer who has done the Landmark Forum and recommends it to her clients–She says Landmark Education is what has her be the kind of person who gets in action instead of procrastinating. I include it here because she points to the human tendency to complain about things rather than taking action to impact the situation you are dealing with to get what you want. It’s also pretty funny! Sometimes we need a bit of a kick in the pants to get moving, in whatever area of life we’re dealing with.

Your Big Fat Butt Isn’t My Problem

It really isn’t my problem, so stop all the whining, blaming, and excuses you continue to dump on me about your dump truck! They will do nothing for you but kept your butt as big as it is! Seriously!

I am a positive person, really I am. I am definitely someone who can find the silver lining on a rainy day. Sit next to me for a while and you will see for yourself. Have I always been this way? Hell no. But at some point in my life I got tired of hearing myself complain about my body and I got into action! Why? Because what I wanted in my life was not what I had. So, I could have continued to do exactly what I was doing, and I would have continued to get exactly what I got. Or, I could stop convincing myself that I was helpless to change the outcome of my life, and stop making excuses why I was right that I was helpless and finally be happy with my choices.

Now, it is not easy to look at your life – I mean honestly look at your life. It takes courage, strength and fortitude to be honest with yourself and see that you are the only one to hold accountable for where you are. I still do this all the time. If something in my life is not working out the way I want it to I have to look in the mirror for the person responsible. Don’t you want to be known as someone who is courageous, strong and determined? Do you believe Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King listened to their own excuses or the excuses of anyone around them? There was an easier life for them to choose, but they knew what they wanted and were willing to hear a million ‘No’s’ before they achieved their goals.

And you want to do what? Lose weight? Eat pizza, donuts and beer and blame me when you don’t lose weight? It may look minuscule now in comparison to what another human being is taking on their life.

Look at your entire life, not just your health and fitness, but any area where you are not 100% happy and fulfilled. Are you doing the same thing there? Are you making up reasons, really good reasons why you can’t have what you want and why you are right that you can’t have what you want? You are the only person who tells yourself that, truly. You are the only person who will stop yourself from getting anything you want out of life.

Go get what you want!

Here’s this personal trainer’s website if anyone is interested to read more posts like this!

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