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July 31, 2008

Being Open to New Possibilities

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Here’s a juicy little blog post that I liked–It talks about this whole idea of new possibilities. So many times in life, I feel that we feel we already know how life is going to turn out and we aren’t open to new and unexpected possibilities. Just being open to something can result in some wonderful unexpected results!

This is from a woman’s blog:

Now let me introduce “Being Open to the Possibility.”

This is from Landmark Forum and I use it with great success.

Expectation leads to Upset. Unfullfilled Expectation is upsetting! But if you shift expectation to being open to possibility – then you are allowing the universe to fulfill the possibility. And an unfullfilled possibility remains a possibillity! So I missed the sign-ups for Summer camp for Lishai. I was upset for an hour or so – and then I decided that it was meant to be and I was open to what was best for all of us to present itself. I had ruled out Israel and visiting the Grandparents as just the tickets for me and the girls would be (gasp) $4500. Then I decided that I was open to the possibility of getting to Israel. Lo and behold – Dedi’s dad is sponsoring our trip!!!!


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