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September 30, 2008

A Lifetime of Making a Difference (thoughts on Randy McNamara)

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It was many years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday: a man named Randy McNamara led my Landmark Forum. My life and the closeness I have with my family have never been the same. I mention Randy McNamara specifically because I saw him on a website a little while ago and he appears to still be leading the Landmark Forum – The article talks about Randy Mcnamara leading the course in Singapore.

It got me thinking: Mcnamara appears to have spent most of his adult life leading these Landmark Education programs. Most of us, I think, have a way we look at a Landmark course that we take: If I take this course, I will improve, get better, at my own life and making a difference for others, and then I won’t “need” these courses any more.

I think about Randy and here is clearly a person who has gone beyond “needing” to lead any more courses. He must be close to 70 years old; I’m sure he could retire a happy man. But it got me thinking about what it was to have one’s whole life be about making a difference, not to get somewhere, not to make the world better and then be able to stop doing it (though I’m sure a life dedicated to making a difference does make the world better), but just because that’s what an inspiring and fulfilling life would be? It certainly would take a lot of the pressure off. Earlier today I put up a blog post about practice – What if life was the practice of making a difference. That’s my thought for the day!


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