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July 2, 2010

Integrity and Having your Life Work

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I’ve written about integrity, and the Landmark Education definition of it, a few times before, but I think it’s worth reviewing the issue as relates to personal effectiveness and performance. I’ve been reading bits of a good book titled ‘The Economics of Integrity’ which shows how our entire economy is built on trust, and when it disappears, the economic consequences can be devastating. It also discusses the recent global financial crisis, where it’s pretty obvious that a lack of integrity demonstrated by many people in the financial industry has had a huge impact on all of us.

All of this is fairly obvious to most people, and yet we are very remiss in applying the principle to ourselves. Said in a slightly different way, when it’s so clear that a lack of integrity can make the economy and society unworkable, why do we think we can get a way with a lack of integrity in our lives? Why do we think we can lack integrity in our lives and have them still be workable?

People that know me and know Landmark Education know the idea that we’re not talking about integrity as a moral issue, but as an issue of workability – being late for a meeting doesn’t make you a bad person, but it makes the meeting less workable, to give a simple example.

Generally, we think that a lack of integrity in society is bad for society, and a lack of integrity on our own part might speak bad of us, but we don’t really think that it will make our lives work less effectively.

One of my favorite blogs, Solid Gold Creativity, has written an excellent post that makes the point very well (and also links to a document created by one of Landmark’s founders, check it out). It points out how every broken promise (even to yourself) or lie or not doing what you know to do adds up and has a huge impact on your life. It affects the view others have of view, the view you have of yourself, your view of what’s possible in life, and it affects what results it’s possible for you to produce.

I know personally that the seemingly little things, like paying a bill late or not exercising when I’ve told myself to do it, or not returning a phone call subtly add up to a mountain – collectively those things can destroy the ‘blank canvas’ for my life, my view that today is a new day and I can accomplish anything. Instead they leave me feeling mediocre and resigned.

So lately I’ve started a bit of an experiment: integrity for its own sake. Not because it makes me a good person, or that it will immediately lead to some great result, but just to see what becomes possible when I honour my word. We’ll see what happens!


May 18, 2009

Landmark Education and Forgiveness

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I’ll admit it: stories about forgiveness tend to make me a bit weepy. Nothing moves more than a tale of how someone who walked around with decades of bitterness and anger gives up their burden and forgives those that they are blaming, or even more powerfully, realize that they themselves ought to ask forgiveness for the damage they’ve done to people through their own rage and self-righteousness. I don’t know quite what is about the Landmark Forum, but peace and forgiveness seem to come to a lot of people who do the course.

This next woman describes how she had hated her mother her whole life, and made herself miserable in order to make her mother miserable. In the course of taking the forum and other Landmark education courses, the woman decides to give up all of her hate. She says is much better than I can. Go read this remarkable blog post titled how to live.

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