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February 15, 2010

We Create Stories that are not the Reality

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Hello everyone – life has gotten in the way and it’s been a while since my last post! Here’s something I recently found that I thought was quite neat – It’s interesting when someone has a life-altering breakthrough from coming to an Introduction about the Landmark Forum without even doing the programme.

In the introduction, this woman, who appears to be a powerful businessperson, saw that her story about what had happened in her life, was not the same thing as reality. Or to put it in here words:

“The most important take-away for me, though I didn’t actually do Landmark, was that we create stories that are not the reality. My own perception of failure is not factual at all.”

This little gem of an insight could change the world if more people had it. What happens, happens. But it’s our interpretations and the decisions we make about what happens that make the world go round. Twice in my life I can recall someone saying to me that they didn’t want to be with me any longer; that they wanted to break up with me. Once it was devastating, and once it was empowering. The same words said to me, almost. A different interpretation each time about what they meant. And we might not have a say about that person breaking up with us or sacking us from a job, but we do have a say about our interpretation.

Without further ado, visit this Year of the Tiger blog.


May 7, 2008

Submit Your Story

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I found a unique website today — It allows people to submit their stories about what Landmark Education was like for them. The site isn’t an official Landmark Education site or anything like that; it just appears to be a collection of personal anecdotes. It’s worth checking out to read or to submit your own story if you’ve done the Landmark Forum!

The website address is:

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