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April 22, 2010

Integrity in Business – IBM’s Loss

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I was recently sent a finance textbook which appeared to contain the ideas of Landmark Education in its text as applied to growing wealth in a business. Although Landmark isn’t mentioned by name, the book’s discussion of integrity had to have come from Landmark’s ideas, as anyone who reads it would attest. It points out to how mainstream these supposedly radical, new-age ideas have become.

Specifically, it looks at integrity in terms of workability, and how a lack of integrity within a business organisation invariably affects its performance negatively. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“…integrity is required in order to gain workability and the trust of others that in turn opens up the opportunity for high performance. In other words, the absence of integrity relegates the firm to no better than average long term peformance.”

That integrity matters is obviously not a revolutionary idea – what’s specific to Landmark here in my view is the idea of viewing integrity solely through the lens of workability and performance, rather than as a moral issue.

This can be quite controversial with some people, who thinks this view abandons moral responsibility, but I think the opposite is actually true. Moral responsibility is obviously important, but by focusing on performance, it allows the costs of a lack of integrity come into focus, which go beyond moral fault. Let’s face it, many businesses unfortunately don’t care about moral responsibility, but if they saw that their lack of integrity was actually impacting their bottom line – this would move them into action faster than any moral argument probably ever would.

To make this point, the author, Bartley Madden, gives the fascinating example of IBM developing personal computers. The best technologies all existed with IBM for making personal computers; however, there was a lack of integrity and trust within the company that had different departments not trust each other to deliver on various aspects of a product. As a result, IBM’s personal computer group farmed out two aspects of their computers – the operating system and the microchip – to Microsoft and Intel. In so doing, they gave away perhaps the two biggest business opportunities of the last fifty years – all because of a lack of integrity. A company may not think of “workplace culture” as essential to the bottom line – examples like this prove how erroneous this view can be.

Note that integrity here again is workability issue, not a moral one – there may not have been any moral issues at IBM, but the lack of trust and communication between departments lacked structural integrity as far as the company went. And it obviously paid dearly.

Anyhow, I’m not expert, but it seems a very interesting book to me – it gives many more examples of how a company’s integrity impacts the bottom line – here’s the Amazon page for Wealth Creation.


August 26, 2008

Following Dreams

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This is a neat story–It tells about a woman who did the Landmark Forum and had the courage to follow her dreams rather just settling for what it seemed like she could have.

In the Beginning

Back in 2003 I was your average career girl in a “happy” long term relationship, with my own flat, a car and enough money to pay the bills and enjoy myself every now and again.

Everything seemed fine on the outside, but deep down I was frustrated.

Frustrated that my partner didn’t want to commit. Frustrated that I couldn’t see where I was going in my life and frustrated at the fact that I thought there must be more to life, but didn’t know what it was or where to find it.

At the time, I didn’t want kids without marriage and of course he wouldn’t marry me.

He’s a bloke, right? So I was nearly 30 – going no where.

It’s a funny thing when something major in your life happens. You either swim with the tide and see where you end up or you fight it all the way.

For others, it wasn’t anything dramatic, but for me, it was about to turn my whole world upside down.

You see, the company that I had been working for for nearly 3 years was relocating from East London over to North West London. They are a good global company and at the time, I could see the possibility of transferring to another office somewhere around the world.

Bali, Dubai, Hawaii, Hong Kong.

All it would take was a phone call and application and I could have moved anywhere and changed my whole life.

But my partner of 6 years didn’t want to move. He has his reasons, which I won’t go into, but when the London office declared that they were moving just 30 miles away, it seemed like they were going to another planet.

If you know London, you know that just 30 miles across town can take anywhere between 1 and a half to 3 hours, either by car or by public transport and I didn’t want to do it. I was already driving an hour to get to work as it was, let alone another 30 miles on top.

No, I wanted to move with them.

After 6 months of arguing, crying and decision making, I decided to move up to Greenford by my self and we would have a “long distance” relationship. This basically meant that I would drive back down every weekend carting a suitcase with me and he would call during the week and I would cry down the phone because I missed him.

But this wasn’t enough and I was getting more and more frustrated as the weeks and months went by.

I couldn’t see a way out and as Christmas was approaching I started looking for answers. In fact, I thought I was going mad. I was in a permanent haze of tearful blurriness and I didn’t know what I wanted for my life anymore.

A man who loved me but who wouldn’t commit or a career where I could go anywhere I wanted – by my self.

Looking back, maybe I should have chosen the latter, but at the time a friend introduced me to Personal Development in the name of Landmark Education and again, my life took another completely unexpected turn, which has lead me here……

So what was I creating?

Something had to give and at the time, I couldn’t see what it was.

But of course that thing was me! I had to shift. I had to make the changes I wanted to see in my life. I had to make the choice of which path to take. Left or Right.

The Landmark Forum quite literally turned my world upside down.

From what I believed in, my morals and my values, right through to the core of who I was. A life changing experience that knocked me for six. And then had me “choose” to have a baby with the man I loved and move back down to South London with him.

Not because it was the only way I could figure how to work things out. Not because that was the right thing to do, because of course, for me, I didn’t want kids before marriage. But because I wanted to.

I wanted to have a baby like I’d never wanted one before. And I mean never. Don’t forget I was the semi successful career woman. A baby would get in the way.

The thing is that just left me at the next hurdle. Where to work!

Having a baby seemed like a good idea at the time, but what else was I going to do with my life? There weren’t any good companies down in South London in my industry that I wanted to work for.

But it didn’t matter. I’d already signed up for the “Advance Course”.

And that’s when I met some of the most amazing, loving and generous people who I will never ever forget. 4 whole days of intensive personal development. A hair raising roller coaster of a ride, sending people in totally different directions all across the UK. Inspiring and changing lives over one weekend. Sharing, empowering and pushing each other to reach our full potential as human beings.

I invite everyone to go visit this blog and read other entries…lest anyone have a concern that this woman suffered financially for her move, it’s worth noting that the blog is about wealth creation, and that much of the blog reveals that part of her tale! Check it out here.

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